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Independent Katsuhiro Otomo researcher and archivist Jun'ya Suzuki (鈴木淳也), who in 1999 started the website Apple Paradise: Otomo Katsuhiro Data Base has published the first of a series of booklets to accompany the KATSUHIRO OTOMO COMPLETE WORKS collection that is currently published by Kodansha. This COMMENTARY SERIES booklets scheduled to be produced for all volumes will include commentaries regarding each volume and as they have the same size as the books that will accompany, they will work  perfectly as dividers since they  prevent vinyl covers from sticking to each other.

As stated by the author, for the first booklet ŌTOMO KATSUHIRO ZENSHŪ KAISETSU 8 DŌMU (大友克洋全集解説8童夢), the personal impressions were eliminated, speculations and considerations were minimized, and the text was built from interviews and articles and direct interviews with the people involved in the creation of the manga DŌMU (童夢)An English language version is on the works.

The booklet was sold for the first time today in COMITIA 144 (コミティア144) in the stand O 08a ŌTOMO KATSUHIRO KENKYŪ (お08a大友克洋研究)You can follow and contact Jun'ya Suzuki on Instagram and Twitter.


Author: Jun'ya Suzuki (鈴木淳也)
Release date: 2023-V-5
Language: Japanese
Number of pages: 24
Size: 248 x 172mm 
Retail price: ¥800