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●BOOK● OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS 24: Animation AKIRA Layouts & Key Frames 2

Kodansha has published today the second of three volumes, that collect a huge amount of layouts, original drawings, and  corrections used in the production of the anime version of AKIRA

The layout is a drawing that has the information (such as art setting, background and character movement) of each scene of the film and serves as a blueprint to draw the animation. The animation director, the art director and the director Otomo, were involved in the creation of this layouts. The selected ones included in this book are mostly drawn by Otomo himself. In addition to those original drawings, replicas of the cels and background art that made into the final photography of the film are also collected in this book.

The film AKIRA was divided in four parts during production: A, B C and D. Animation AKIRA Layouts & Key Frames 2 (Volume 24 of OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS) collects the material selected by Otomo from his personal collection of parts B (continued from previous volume 23) and the beginning of part C. The next volume 25 will include the rest of the material. 


Publisher: Kodansha (講談社)
Release date: 2023-V-17
Language: Japanese
Number of pages: 710
Size: 248×172mm 
Retail price: ¥7,700
ISBN-10: 4065293561
ISBN-13: 978-4065293560

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