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Young Magazine Zōkan (ヤングマガジン増刊 )
1981-IX-14 | 8 pages | Color

This story was originally published as a as a special fold out poster printed in both sides included in Young Magazine. 

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Katsuhiro Otomo has draw the cover  illustration for the 1981 Rikkyo University yearbook (立教大学年鑑). The book includes a photo of Otomo working in his studio. The illustration was later collected in the page 168 of the art book KABA

●MANGA● ROJIN TO UMI(老人と海) -That's Amazing World-

ROJIN TO UMI(老人と海) -That's Amazing World-

Just Comic (ジャストコミッ)
1981-IX-1 | 5 pages | B&W

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Otomo's note from Anthology's postface

No matter what I'm writing, I'm always pursued by deadlines, and the closer the deadline, the harder I find it to persuade myself that the drawings are up to scratch. Then, as a reaction, the more I wish I could draw properly... When I feel like that, writing a lengthy piece is an impossibility, so I figure that at any rate I might as well draw something short but in which the pictures are sharp and clear. However, since these stories ran as a serial in a monthly magazine, I found myself once more hounded by deadlines, felt increasingly unable to drawn and came more and more to dislike what I was drawing... These are all Western parodies, but I would like to do some Japanese ones someday.