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●LASER DISC● GENMA TAISEN (幻魔大戦) [new edition]

Genma Taisen (幻魔大戦) was released today in a new Laser Disc edition in Japan, directed by Rintaro (りんたろう) and originally released theatrically in Japan on march 12, 1983, this film is the first collaboration of Katsuhiro Otomo in an animation project in which he worked as character designer. This new edition includes Digital Sound track.


Publisher: Pionner (パイオニ)
Release date: 1993-XII-21
Format: NTSC | CLV | 1.33:1
Audio: Japanese Dolby Surround Digital and Analog
Subtitles: none
Run time: 131 min
Retail price: ¥6,800
Catalogue number: PILA-1236


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