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●MANGA● AKIRA part 39

AKIRA part 39

Young Magazine (ヤングマガジン) No.16
1984-VIII-20 | 20 pages | B&W

Collected in the books:
AKIRA 3 in original black & white
All Color AKIRA 5 colored by Steve Oliff
True Color AKIRA 3 colored by Steve Oliff

●BULLETIN● KATSUHIRO OTOMO CLUB Bulletin DŌMU 4 (大友克洋 クラブ 会報 「童夢 4」)

Fourth issue of Katsuhiro Otomo fan club bulletin with Otomo related articles, interviews and more.


Publisher: Katsuhiro Otomo Fan Club
Release date: 1984-VIII-18
Size: B5
Language: Japanese