Felix Comic Art has published this video where Steve Oliff remembers how it was working with Otomo in the colored edition of AKIRA. 

Steve Oliff 's original AKIRA color guides are available exclusively at: www.felixcomicart.com

Steve Oliff is a comic book colorist who has worked in the industry since 1978. His company, Olyoptics, was the first to use computers to do color separation. In 1989, Steve was personally selected by AKIRA creator Katsuhiro Otomo to color the seminal work. Steve and Otomo-san worked side-by-side at Steve's studio in Point Arena, CA to develop the color scheme that would be used throughout the series. The guides were printed at Otomo-san's studio in Japan on 10"X14" heavy-stock artist's paper and then sent to Steve, where he hand-painted them using some combination of airbrush, felt pens, gouache, cel animation paint, colored pencil, Pantone film and more! These are not your typical color guides; each piece presents beautifully as its own work of art and is suitable for framing (although as with all colored art, best to keep out of direct light). Felix Comic Art is excited to present this rare opportunity for fans to own an original piece from this legendary work.