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Katsuhiro Otomo attended  the 1st NIIGATA INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL (第1回新潟国際アニメーション映画祭) where a retrospective of some of his animations works is taking place and where the film NEZUMIKOZO JIROKICHI (鼠小僧次郎吉) in which he collaborated was premiered.

TWEETS by OTOMO (March 13~21, 2023)

■I'm going to the Niigata International Animation Film Festival. I am looking forward to going to Niigata for the first time. Please tell me something delicious

■(After some delicious culinary recommendations) Thank you. I want to go to Miyoshi.

■(After even more recommendations) I also like B-class gourmet, so it's okay.

■Niigata Miyoshiya's Chinese soba has arrived! Thank you to everyone who introduced us!! ︎

■I'm walking through the town of Niigata right now 

■(After a recommendation: A bar called Camarado (カマラード) in Furumachi (古町)). I visited the bar you introduced. On the way, director Kitakubo notices... is it safe? I was able to enter the bar!

■I finished all my plans for Niigata and am on the Shinkansen. Thank you to everyone who came to the venue. I'm sorry if you didn't receive your sticker.

■(After a compliment about not getting old) As you can see, I'm old.