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●MANGA● ZENSHŪ-KUN GA IKU (全集くんが行く) part 3

ZENSHŪ-KUN GA IKU (全集くんが行く) part 3

Published in otomo-complete website
2022-XI-23 | 1 strip | B&W

Read the 4 panel manga strip here: 

TWITTER Q&A by OTOMO (November 23, 2022)

■Thank you for reading such bubble comics

■(Regarding a reservation made in Otomo's birthplace (登米市) Tome City ) Where? Kōbundō (光文堂) where I used to buy comics? But it's Aeon (イオン), right?

■It's sad that Sako (佐高) school building is going to be rebuilt. But in Shotaro Ishimori's (石森章太郎) time it was a wooden school building.

■(Regarding if he is the one riding the bike) Of course. I am the one running from Inagi Ohashi (稲城大橋) towards Hino Bridge (日野橋)