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●LP● ROUJIN Z Soundtrack (老人Z サウンドトラック) 30th Anniversary Vinyl


ROUJIN Z (老人Z ) Soundtrack was released in analog vinyl for the first time with the latest remastering to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the animation film directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo (北久保 弘之)  with an original story and screenplay by Katsuhiro Otomo, who also worked as mecha designer. Otomo's friend manga artist Hisashi Eguchi (江口寿史) was in charge of character design and the cover art illustration. Released in September 1991, the film won the Mainichi Film Award for Best Animation Film (毎日映画コンクールアニメーション映画賞) that year.

In charge of the music was Bun Itakura (板倉文), the leader of bands such as CHAKRA (チャクラ) and KILLING TIME (キリング・タイム). The soundtrack that includes various genres such as industrial techno, ethnic, and contemporary music, is sometimes boldly edited, giving off a charm that is independent to the movie. The ending theme song is sung by Mishio Ogawa (小川美潮), a close friend from the CHAKRA days. 

The album is pressed as a transparent red vinyl and includes a booklet with interviews with Katsuhiro Otomo, Hisashi Eguchi, Hiroyuki Kitakubo and Bun Itakura. The album was also released as a Compact Disc compatible, new High Quality Blu-spec CD2 format.


1. 宣誓 (0:07)
2. Z [Accepter] (2:59)
3. 挨拶 #1 (0:08)
4. Happy Circle [Opening Title] (2:18) 
5. Impressions of a MOMENTO (4:16)
6. Interlude~Hello Liddy (0:51)
7. Metabolism #1~#4 (3:34)
8. 挨拶 #2 (0:08)
9. Ornament Love (1:20)

1. New Type (2:08)
2. Escapass (0:59)
3. Interlude~Hustle Muscle→A(W.T.D.)...Wild Today's Description (2:43)
4. Spring (1:55)
5. Stepping Smart [#1 Dark House, #2 Chase] (4:36)
6. Interlude~Hollow Dolly (1:36)
7. 夢の桟橋 [#2 Evening] (2:14)
8. 走れ自転車 [Ending Roll](歌・小川美潮) (4:39)


Composed By:
-Akihiko Kuriyama (栗山昭彦) (track: 13)
-BAnaNA-UG (tracks: 4,10)
-Bun Itakura (tracks: 2, 4, 6, 7, 9~12, 14~17)
-Ma-To (tracks: 5)
Computer, Synthesizer, Keyboards & Programmed By Ma-To [Masato Fujii (藤井将登)]
Drums: Jun Aoyama (青山 純)
Guitar, Synthesizer: Bun Itakura (板倉文)
Keyboards: Akihiko Kuriyama (栗山昭彦) , Tatsuro Kondo (近藤達郎)
Percussion: WHACHO [Tetsuaki Hoashi (帆足哲之進)]
Producer: Bun Itakura (板倉文)
Strings: Neko Saito (斎藤ネコ)
Synthesizer, Piano: BAnaNA-UG [Yuji Kawashima (川島裕二)]
Vocals: Mishio Ogawa (小川美潮)


Label: Great Tracks
Release date: 2021-IV-24
Format: Vinyl | LP | Stereo
Duration: 36 min 41s
Reatil price: ¥4,400
Catalogue number: MHJL-179


Amazon JP: https://amzn.to/3WPBRhD
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/45MzeRW
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Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3oNNfy3
Amazon DE: https://amzn.to/3WNxRhz
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