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The documentary "AKIRA SOUND MAKING 2019" was broadcasted for the first time on March 28 at 22:00 on the Japanese TV channel TOKYO MX. The long version of this documentary will be included as a bonus in the "AKIRA 4K Remaster Set" due to be released by Bandai Namco next April 24th after the IMAX theatrical run around Japan that starts on April 3rd.

This new documentary commemorates the release of AKIRA in 4K and the inclusion of a new sound source that was newly remixed under the direction of original film's music director Shoji Yamashiro. In the documentary Reiji Asuka (麻倉怜士) , Yasushi Nagura (名倉靖) and Shoji Yamashiro (山城祥二) himself discuss the new sound of this new edition. The voice of Kaneda, Mitsuo Iwata (岩田光央), Nozomu Sasaki (佐々木望) as Tetsuo, Mami Koyama (小山茉美) as Kay, Takeshi Kusao (草尾毅) as Kai, and Sound Director Susumu Aketagawa (明田川進) also talked about AKIRA in a roundtable discussion.