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●EVENT● Katsuhio Otomo at Annie Awards

Katsuhiro Otomo was honored with the Winsor McCay Award for career achievement at the Annie Awards that took place this saturday in Los Angeles.

Introduction by Charles Salomon
More than any otehr film, katsuhiro Otomo's AKIRA created an audience for anime in America. An although Otomo sensei's work is usually associated with it's dark despotic vision, his work spans variety of design styles, subjects and moods. An rangers from the charming of the SOS Tokyo metro explores to the lavish victoriam steampunk adventure, Steamboy, the action comedy Roujin Z and Combustible that evoques the look of antique block prints. In Honoring otomo sensei we join with the Japanese government , who awarded him with the medla of purple ribbon and the french government who ordered him with the chevaliere of letters. 
Otomo's words:
Thank you very much, my name is Otomo. I'm so used to work by myself in front of my desk so it just makes me so nervous to stand in front of such a big crowd of people so i just want this to finish as quickly as possible. When I was inform of this award, I was like did I do something special? Because I don't really watch any of my shows a lot, but I guess when i go back to Japan after this I guess I will go back and watch some of them. I will continue to make more shows and I'm sure this award is going to work as a great motivation in making more great shows. Thank you very much.