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●BOOK● Gooka Hon DŌMU (豪華本童夢)

Katsuhiro Otomo's DŌMU (童夢) has been re-released in this sumptuous edition to celebrate that it was honored with the 1983 'Japanese Science Fiction Award' (日本SF大賞). Published between 1980 and 1981 in Action Deluxe Magazine, Dōmu is the first manga to be honored with such a price. 


Publisher: Futabasha (双葉社)
Release date: 1984-XII-25
Language: Japanese
Number of pages: 234
Retail price: ¥5,000
Size: B4
ISBN: 4-575-93032-6


DŌMU (童夢) PART 1
Action Deluxe (アクションデラックス No.3) '80/1/19
45 pages | B/W

DŌMU (童夢) PART 2
Action Deluxe (アクションデラックス No.4) '80/10/5
31 pages | B/W

DŌMU (童夢) PART 3
Action Deluxe (アクションデラックス No.5) '81/2/1
30 pages | B/W

DŌMU (童夢) PART 4
Weekly Manga Action Special Edition Super Fiction (週刊漫画アクション増刊 スーパー・フィクション) '81/7/6
30 pages | B/W


This manga was released in the regular tankonbon size:
DŌMU (童夢)