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The next release of THE COMPLETE WORKS will consist in just one book: OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS Vol. 24: ANIMATION AKIRA LAYOUTS AND KEY FRAMES 2.  due to be published in April 3, 2023. This book will be the second of three books that collects layouts, modified original drawings, and original drawings made by Katsuhiro Otomo for the movie AKIRA, selected by him from his personal collection.

Available in Amazon Japan: https://amzn.to/3m2E9vw

There has also been announced  in OTOMO-COMPLETE official website that the deadline for applying for the benefits of the first period (11 volumes in total) is scheduled for the end of the month, three months after the publication date of the final batch of the first period. The T-shirt that will be gifted to everyone submitting the 11 proofs of purchase will be announced soon.

TWEETS by OTOMO (Feb 5, 2023)

■(Regarding the name of the last book of the final batch) JŪSEI (銃声)? I don't want to sell it.

■(Regarding the design of the bonus T-shirt) I haven't finished it yet. But everyone is looking forward to it, so I will do my best. I'm also confused about sizing. I'm thinking of M, L, XL, but would it be better to have S as well?

■ The body of the T-shirt is white.

■ Please put it on, relax, and use it as a waste cloth. That's the right life of a T-shirt. Don't try to make money by reselling.