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●ILLUSTRATION● PAFU July '79 Otomo Katsuhiro no Sekai (ぱふ 79年7月 大友克洋の世界) vol.6

This month's PAFU (ぱふ) magazine covers Katsuhiro Otomo's world with an extensive chronology of his works as a manga artist and illustrator as well as a interview and a reprint of the 22 page, 1977-I-7 published, YUME NO SOOKYUU (夢の蒼穹) manga collected later in the book SHORT PEACE. Various self-portraits illustrations by Otomo are included


Publisher: Zassō sha (清彗社)
Release date: 1979-VII
Language: Japanese
Number of pages: 250
Language: Japanese
Size: A5
Retail price: ¥340