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●ILLUSTRATION● HANSEL & GRETEL endpaper (ヘンゼルとグレーテル見返し)

Katsuhiro Otomo has drawn this illustration for the endpaper of his last short story cllection book HANSEL & GRETEL  (ヘンゼルとグレーテル). The illustration was also printed in two tones in a poster that was given as a gift for the first time reservation of the book.

●BOOK● Hansel & Gretel (ヘンゼルとグレーテル)

A short stories book by Katsuhiro Otomo that collects parodies of classic tales has been Published. Here the list of the works included:


Publisher: CBS- Sony Shuppan (CBS・ソニー出版)
Publishing date: 1981-X- 25
Language: Japanese
Number of pages: 127
Size: A4 (Hardcover)
Price: ¥1,600 
ISBN-10: 4789702812
ISBN-13: 978-4789702812


Amazon JP: http://amzn.to/YLyUxo
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1CufxhH
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/1Cufu5j
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1wYG6ZO
Amazon DE: http://amzn.to/1BOJRQr
Amazon FR: http://amzn.to/1wYG0Bn
Amazon IT:-
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HENSEL TO GRETEL (ヘンゼルとグレーテル)
Weekly Young Comic (増刊ヤングコミック) 1978-VIII-20
28 pages | B/W

Rockin’on (ロッキング・オン) 1979-VI
2 pages | B/W

Rockin’on (ロッキング・オン) 1979-VII
2 pages | B/W

Rockin’on (ロッキング・オン) 1979-VIII
2 pages | B/W

Rockin’on (ロッキング・オン) 1979-IX
2 pages | B/W

Rockin’on (ロッキング・オン) 1979-X
2 pages | B/W

Rockin’on (ロッキング・オン) 1979-XI
2 pages | B/W

Rockin’on (ロッキング・オン) 1979-XII
2 pages | B/W

Rockin’on (ロッキング・オン) 1980-II
2 pages | B/W

Rockin’on (ロッキング・オン) 1980-III
2 pages | B/W

Rockin’on (ロッキング・オン) 1980-V
2 pages | B/W

Pop Corn (ポップコーン) 1980-IV-10
5 pages | B/W

Pop Corn (ポップコーン) 1980-X-10
2 pages | B/W

Just Comic (ジャストコミック) 1981-VII
5 pages | B/W

Pop Corn (ポップコーン) 1981-II-10
5 pages | B/W

Pop Corn (ポップコーン) 1980-VI-10
5 pages | B/W

Akushon Zoukan (アクション増刊) 1981-III-7
5 pages | B/W

Pop Corn (ポップコーン) 1980-VIII-10
5 pages | B/W

Just Comic (ジャストコミック) 1981-V
5 pages | B/W

Vampirella (月刊スターログ別冊 バンピレラ) 1980-X-15
12 pages | B/W

Starlog(月刊スターログ) 1980-X-1
12 pages | B/W


MANJU KOWAI (饅頭こわ) #27
Satō masāki 「kageotoko」 no muon kenjū no maki

Variety (バラエティ) #12
1982-X-21 | 2 pages | B&W

●MANGA● ENTAKU NO KISHI(円卓の騎士) -That's Amazing World-

ENTAKU NO KISHI (円卓の騎士) -That's Amazing World-

Just Comic (ジャストコミッ) #11
1981-X-5 | 5 pages | B&W

Collected in the book:

Otomo's note from Anthology's postface

No matter what I'm writing, I'm always pursued by deadlines, and the closer the deadline, the harder I find it to persuade myself that the drawings are up to scratch. Then, as a reaction, the more I wish I could draw properly... When I feel like that, writing a lengthy piece is an impossibility, so I figure that at any rate I might as well draw something short but in which the pictures are sharp and clear. However, since these stories ran as a serial in a monthly magazine, I found myself once more hounded by deadlines, felt increasingly unable to drawn and came more and more to dislike what I was drawing... These are all Western parodies, but I would like to do some Japanese ones someday.