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●BOOK● OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS 23: Animation AKIRA Layouts & Key Frames 1

This is the first of three volumes, that collect a huge amount of layouts, original drawings, and  corrections used in the production of the anime version of AKIRA

The layout is a drawing that has the information (such as art setting, background and character movement) of each scene of the film and serves as a blueprint to draw the animation. The animation director, the art director and the director Otomo, were involved in the creation of this layouts. The selected ones included in this book are mostly drawn by Otomo himself. In addition to those original drawings, replicas of the cels and background art that made into the final photography of the film are also collected in this book.

The film AKIRA was divided in four parts during production: A, B C and D. Animation AKIRA Layouts & Key Frames 1 (volume 23 of OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS) collects the material selected by Otomo from his personal collection of parts A and B. The subsequent volumes 24 and 25 will include the rest of the material. 


Publisher: Kodansha (講談社)
Release date: 2022-XI-30
Language: Japanese
Number of pages: 650
Size: 248 x 172mm 
Retail price: ¥7,700
ISBN-10: 4065286972
ISBN-13: 978-4065286975

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●MANGA● ZENSHŪ-KUN GA IKU (全集くんが行く) part 3

ZENSHŪ-KUN GA IKU (全集くんが行く) part 3

Published in otomo-complete website
2022-XI-23 | 1 strip | B&W

Read the 4 panel manga strip here: 

TWITTER Q&A by OTOMO (November 23, 2022)

■Thank you for reading such bubble comics

■(Regarding a reservation made in Otomo's birthplace (登米市) Tome City ) Where? Kōbundō (光文堂) where I used to buy comics? But it's Aeon (イオン), right?

■It's sad that Sako (佐高) school building is going to be rebuilt. But in Shotaro Ishimori's (石森章太郎) time it was a wooden school building.

■(Regarding if he is the one riding the bike) Of course. I am the one running from Inagi Ohashi (稲城大橋) towards Hino Bridge (日野橋)


Starting today, bookstores in Japan have set up a trial reading booklets for OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS Vol.23: ANIMATION AKIRA LAYOUTS AND KEYFRAMES 1. This booklet is for bookstore placement only and it will not be sold. In it, Otomo drew an introductory instructions on how to read the 650 page book that will be released at the end of the month with a retail price of ¥7,700.

Otomo's instructions

① The animation cuts are layered in order from the bottom
② Check the movement by dropping from cell 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on
③ This book has a page structure that reproduces it. Lay the body down first
④ From the bottom page, Please take a look while dropping only the odd-numbered pages.
⑤ After reading up to page 1, please turn the book over so that the back cover is facing up.
⑥ Page down, please enjoy the even-numbered pages in order from page 2.


Publisher: Kodansha (講談社)
Release date: 2022-XI-10
Language: Japanese
Number of pages: -
Size: 248 x 172mm 
Retail price: Not for Sale

Vol.23: ANIMATION AKIRA LAYOUTS AND KEY FRAMES 1 will be the first of three books that collects layouts, modified original drawings, and original drawings made by Katsuhiro Otomo for the movie AKIRA, selected by him from his personal collection.

Available in Amazon Japan: https://amzn.to/3WV7PJ4

TWEETS by OTOMO (November 10, 2022)

■Printing and binding of this book is troublesome, so it will take time to reprint. We recommend that you make a reservation early. 

■(Regarding hands cramped flipping the pages) Of course they cramp. In such a case, stretch the cramped fingers with your left hand.

■(Regarding his latest illustration) The real new work is Zenshu-kun. I am drawing it right now. 

■I had never had a book like this before, so it was hard to get the publisher to understand. I wanted to reproduce the number of pages and the colored pencils that were instructed, so I used full color. There are various things and it has become expensive.

■Since it is basically a collection of layouts, timesheets are not included. It's like this. 

■(Regarding the stuffed bear toy scene) Hirotsugu Kawasaki (川崎博嗣) carefully drew the original drawings, so the finish was the best. It was a little dark.