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The first volume of OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS collects 11 short stories created by Otomo from 1971 to 1974 when he was 17-19 years old. 

Among the collected works in this book, the first four are completely unpublished stories, studies and contributions drawn before Otomo's professional debut in 1973, at the young age of 19 with JŪSEI (銃声) published in August 4th issue of  Manga Action Zōkan for which Otomo also drew the cover illustration. 

The debut work and the rest of the stories have never been collected in any book after their appearance in their respective magazines and can be finally enjoyed with a pristine printing quality for the first time after half a century. 


Publisher: Kodansha (講談社)
Release date: 2023-VII-19
Language: Japanese
Number of pages: 320
Size: 248 x 172mm 
Retail price: ¥3,190
ISBN-10: 4065273153
ISBN-13: 978-4065273159


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Honorable mention in the February issue of COM (コム) magazine

●SENJŌ ―SHŪSAKU― (戦場 ―習作―)

●LOUISE (ルイーズ)

JŪSEI (銃声)
Weekly Manga Action Zōkan (漫画アクション増刊)
8・4 | 1973-VII-20 | 24 pages | B&W

Weekly Manga Action Zōkan(漫画アクション増刊)
10・6 | 1973-IX-21 | 29 pages | B&W

Weekly Managa Action Zōkan (漫画アクション増刊)
11・3 | 1973-X-19 | 29 pages | B&W

Weekly Manga Action (週刊漫画アクション)
11・29 | 1973-XI-15 | 26 pages | B&W

Weekly Manga Action (週刊漫画アクション )
12・20 | 1973-XII-6 | 22 pages | B&W

Weekly Manga Action Zōkan (漫画アクション増刊)
1・26 | 1974-I-11 | 24 pages | B&W

Weekly Manga Action (週刊漫画アクション)
2・28 | 1974-II-14 | 23 pages | B&W