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OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS season 2 starts in 2023! The upcoming books will include volume 1 and 5 collecting short manga stories and the second and third part that comprehend the continuation of volume 23: Animation AKIRA Layouts and Key Frames vol.1

TWEETS by OTOMO (December 31, 2022)

■Thank you very much for all your help this year. It took some time, but I'm really happy that I was able to publish the layout collection at the end of this year. It was a book that had never existed before, so it was difficult to get a lot of people to understand it. But please look forward to the second and third layout collections coming out next year, which will be even more powerful.

■(On the price of the books) Sorry it's a little pricey though. It's not my fault.

■(Regarding the publication of his first published work JŪSEI (銃声) in volume 1) The proof print is already out.

Next year, there will be things that you have never seen before. This is Complete Works.

All pages of MACCHI URO NO SHŌJO (マッチ売りの少女)  that I drew in my second year of high school will also be included.

■(Regarding the inclusion of SHIN'YŪ (親友), in the first volume) Of course. Moreover, it is beautiful because it was scanned from the original manuscript. But it's an old work, so take it easy...

■(On the inclusion of SOGEKI (狙撃), one of Otomo's first submissions to a magazine) Since it was a submitted work, the manuscript has not been returned. 

The first volume of the complete collection includes MACCHI URO NO SHŌJO (マッチ売りの少女) , JŪSEI (銃声)SHIN'YŪ (親友), and others. DŌMU is volume 8 and AKIRA Layout Collection 1 is volume 23. This is "Complete Works". I don't know how many volumes there will be in total, but please look forward to it.

■(Regarding the inclusion of unfinished works such as APPLE PARADISEOf course! It's not over yet.

(On collecting all the volumes and submitting the proofs of purchase) Thank you. I would like to give everyone who collects all of them something wonderful, but it may change depending on the total number of entries, so nothing has been decided specifically.

Thank you all for your many comments. After this, I have to eat New Year's Eve soba, so I'll continue next year!! Thank you for another year.