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Today has been announced that a huge mural designed by Katsuhiro Otomo will be installed in the first floor lobby of Sendai Airport Terminal Building. The work is due to be ready by march 2015. The work will measure 8.7m × 2.8m in size and will be produced in ceramic plate relief by Creare Atami Yugawara workshop (クレアーレ熱海ゆがわら工房). The image of work consist on a fictional figure"Doji" followed by  Fujin and Raijin that confront the great forces of nature towards a future that is desired. 

Visit Creare webiste: http://crearejp.com/

The illustration by Otomo is a modification of a illustration he did back in 1997 for a hawaian shirt design: KINTARO Matsuri Nami Miasashi (KINTARO 祭波雅). This illustration is collected in the pages 58-59 of the artbook KABA2