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●BOOK● EUROMANGA (ユーロマンガ) Vol.7

Euromanga volume 7 pays tribute to Moebius (Jean Giraud),  french comic artist that passed away on march 10, 2012. The book features an extensive interview with Otomo as well as the participation of manga and anime of artists such as Hayao Miyazaki (宮崎駿),   Naoki Urasawa (浦沢直樹) , Hirohiko Araki (荒木飛呂彦), Rintaro (りんたろう) , Katsuya Terada (寺田克也)  Fujiwara Kamui (藤原カムイ), Yasuhiro Naito (内藤泰弘)  Keiichi Koike (小池桂一), Osamu Kobayashi (小林治) and Range Murata (村田蓮爾)

The book includes in its entiretty the comic 'LES YEUX DU CHAT' a story written by Alejandro Jodorowsky and  illustrated by Moebius.


Publisher: Asukashinsha (飛鳥新社)
Release date: 2012-VII-23
Language: Japanese
Number of pages: 146
Size: 29.6 x 21 cm
Retail price: ¥1,890
ISBN-10: 4864101841
ISBN-13: 978-4864101844