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Katsuhiro Otomo has drawn the first illustration that opens the OYAJISHU (親父衆) series in Jump X (ジャンプ改) magazine. Oyaji-Shū (A Bunch of Oldtimers) is a collection of illustrated essays by influential manga authors KATSUHIRO OTOMO (大友克洋), KATSUYA TERADA (寺田克也), ISAMI NAKAGAWA (中川いさみ) and SENSHA YOSHIDA (吉田戦車) in witch they will show us their most personal point of view of different daily matters month by month.

Here the Official Oyaji-Shū website were the content can be read for free: 

Jump X is a magazine by SHUEISHA (集英社) first published on April 2012 and due to be published on the 10th of every month. It's content is purely centered on manga works.

This illustration is contained in page 7 of KATSUHIRO OTOMO's ARTBOOK KABA 2.