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●SOUNDTRACK● Domu Image Album LP (LP 童夢イメージ・アルバム)

Katsuhiro Otomo's DOMU ( 童夢 ) manga released by KODANSHA in 1983, became at that time an animation project that never took place. The only item released related to that project is a LP with the first approach to the music that was going to be part of the soundtrack of the film. Katsuhiro Otomo drew the illustration for the LP cover as well as for the poster that was given as a reservation gift. Both illustrations drawn by Otomo for this LP are included in the pages 10 and 11 of the artbook KABA.

Creator:Katsuhiro Otomo (大友克洋)
Music: Kazuhiko Izu (伊豆一彦)
Performed by Kazuhiko Izu (伊豆一彦), Takayuki Hijikata (土方隆行), Yuji Muto (武藤祐二), Motoharu Hamasera(浜瀬元春), Atsuo Okamoto (岡本敦男) 


Publisher: King Records (キングレコード)
Release date: 1984-VI-21
Retail Price: ¥2,800
Catalogue Number: K28G-7184